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      Rewind 2021 and prospects for 2022 Rewind 2021 and prospects for 2022

      Market Intelligence

      Designed to assist you for a strategic & informed decision making process in your business, TexPro is a one-of-a-kind user interface service. Serving as the go-to authority for market updates and trends, TexPro brings you with well-rounded information on raw material prices, export-import data, existing tariff rates of various countries, non-tariff barriers in place, trade agreements and government policies, amongst others.
      Technical Textiles

      Technical Textiles

      TechnicalTextile.net, a Fibre2Fashion initiative, is driven by the passion to enable businesses associated with the technical textiles industry meet their exact information needs and build successful brands.

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      Florian Heubrandner, Lenzing AG

      Florian Heubrandner
      Lenzing AG

      Sustainable and eco-friendly fibres remain in the minority

      Textile Industry, Head honchos

      Textile Industry
      Head honchos

      Marry with brand ethos

      Textile Industry, Head honchos

      Textile Industry
      Head honchos

      Consistency is the first rule of social media

      Akram Tariq Khan,

      Akram Tariq Khan

      E-commerce brand YourLibaas meaning "garment or attire" in Udru, was...

      Aashumi Mahajan,

      Aashumi Mahajan

      The Luxe Maison is a premiere haute couture e-boutique established after...

      Ujjval Saraf,

      Ujjval Saraf

      Founded by Jimmy Lai, Giordano International Ltd, a Hong Kong based...

      Brad Holschuh, Wearable Technology Lab, University of Minnesota

      Brad Holschuh
      Wearable Technology Lab, University of Minnesota

      A new study led by researchers at the University of Minnesota's Design of...

      Silverio Baranzano, Fitesa

      Silverio Baranzano

      Fitesa is a leader in the nonwoven fabrics industry, specialising in...

      Shaan Sethi, Jaanuu

      Shaan Sethi

      Jaanuu, a vertically integrated e-commerce company, has reimagined the...

      Sunita Shanker, Label Sunita Shanker

      Sunita Shanker
      Label Sunita Shanker

      Inspired by the rich traditional crafts of India, Sunita Shanker’s work is ...

      Carmen Emanuela Popa, Label - Carmen Emanuela Popa

      Carmen Emanuela Popa
      Label - Carmen Emanuela Popa

      <b>Carmen Emanuela Popa,</b> a Romanian fashion designer, is known for her ...

      Anju Modi, Label Anju Modi

      Anju Modi
      Label Anju Modi

      Filmfare Award winner for best costume designer,<b> Anju Modi </b>is...